Berlin-Wolfsburg-Berlin: Arrived in Berlin's Schönefeld airport late afternoon Tuesday April 24 from Glasgow. Found the train station and attendant told us to take any train. Found the train into Berlin to the station where we needed to change trains to the ICE train. Boarded the ICE train and found a nice seat but a couple of stops later it filled up and we found out we didn't have seats because we took the earlier ICE train and tickets are only good for the one you buy for. We ended up sitting in between 2 cars and then Dylan had to pay for a new set of tickets and we still had no seat! Oh well. Got to Wolfsburg and wandered a bit until we went to check in to the hotel. Dylan was recovering from food poisoning but we went out to eat at a Turkish restaurant - I had a chicken lahmacun (or was it a tablama?) and Dylan had a soup. Next day April 25 we went across the river to the Autostadt thinking the VW museum was there but it turns out it was actually back across the river and down a ways. Got to the museum and saw a ton of cars and bought souvenirs. Went back and got our bags then took the ICE into Berlin (we had seats!) and met up with Ingrid. She took us to the apartment and we dropped off our stuff and went to meet Corinne for dinner at an indoor market hall called Arminiusmarkthalle. Dylan got a flatbread (tarte?) from a French restaurant and we all got Peruvian food from NANINKA Picanteria & Piscobar (I had taku taku, beans/rice topped with octopus and shrimp). Pisco sours, nice people, prayer booth - all very interesting. Got up the next morning and Corinne and Ingrid took us to the train station and we caught the train back to the airport for the trip back to Scotland. Glasgow-Tarbert-Islay and back: Arrived in Glasgow Thursday April 26, took Uber to Hilton Garden Inn. Had a beer and a snack then decided we needed to get to the 7 AM ferry the next morning so we checked out and took an Uber to the bus station and took the bus about 3 hours to Tarbert near Kennacraig where the ferry is. Checked into the Tarbert Hotel and went out for fish and chips. Came back and had a beer at the bar in the hotel and chatted with the hotel manager David and his drunk Scottish friend. Got up early the next morning (Friday, April 27) and took a taxi to the ferry terminal in Kennacraig and rode 2 hours in the ferry to Port Ellen (had breakfast on the ferry). Walked to Jim's house where we rented the bikes and trailer. Loaded up and rode to Laphroig, did the tour and tasted some whiskeys. Did photos and drone shots. Rode to Ardberg (past Lagavulin) and had lunch but no tour. Met McLeisch the lamb who follows her master and wears a nappy in the house. Did pictures/drone shots. Rode back to Lagavulin and did their tour and then rode to the Viking castle peninsula for pictures/drone shots. Left Lagavulin and rode back into Port Ellen, then took the high road towards Bridgend and our Air B&B. Road and the load was a bit much and Dylan was totally knackered by the time we reached our flat. Rather than ride 2 miles into Bowmore for dinner we went over the the Bridgend Hotel and had a beer while we waited for a table. Had dinner and Dylan got his leftover steak pie in the crock inside a tupperware-like container we had to bring back the next day. Woke up a bit late on Saturday, April 28 and rode into Bowmore. Visited the distillery, enjoyed a flight of whiskeys and did photos/drone shots but no tour. Went to Peatzeria for lunch. Took our Bowmore bottles and leftover pizza back to the flat and then rode the 7-8 miles into Bruichladdich. Thought it stayed open until 6 so we took a taxi (Andy) over to Kilchoman and sampled a couple of flights while the driver waited (no tour). Came back to Bruichladdich but it had closed at 5. Rode back to the flat and had leftovers for dinner (steak pie and pizza) then walked over the Katie's Bar for a beer and to return the tupperware. On Sunday, April 29 we took a taxi up to Bunnahabhain and had a flight while the driver waited. Did pictures and drone shots but tour was too late. Taxi took us to Caol Ila next where we did a whiskey/chocolate tasting with Chris Blair and his wife from Portland (no tour). Took pictures/drone shots and then got a taxi ride with Lamont back to Bruichladdich. Hung out for a while and then got a taxi ride with Lamont's niece Heather over to Bowmore. Took some more pictures and drone shots from the church on the hill and then ate dinner at the Lochside. Walked around Bowmore some more after and did pictures/drone shots from the jetty. Got a taxi ride back to the flat and of course went over to Katie's Bar to say goodbye and wow the locals with Dylan's drones and drone videos/pictures. Got up on Monday April 30 and Lamont taxied us back to Jim's to return the bikes and then to the ferry for the 9:30 return trip to Kennacraig. Had late breakfast on the ferry ride back over and then caught the bus for the ride back to Glasgow. Checked into the Hilton Garden Inn and then walked over to Brew Dogs for dinner and while walking back ran across an art warehouse (SWG3) so took some pictures. Also walked by the Clydeside Distillery but they were closed. Back to the hotel bar for a drink then off to bed for a 4:30 wakeup and trip home.